Wisdom™ command and control software

The Wisdom™ software platform is 4D’s flagship offering, and forms the backbone of our most sophisticated installations.

This powerful software monitors the inputs of all the connected sensor systems in accordance with user-defined alarm types and geolocation information. With the complete, integrated information, the Wisdom software provides broad situational awareness, tracking and investigation of triggered events, operational guidance, and permanent forensic records.


4D has the expertise and experience to review the needs of the project, then plan and implement the complete installation. The integration process brings the distinct sensor systems together into a unified view of the situation that fully informs operators and managers.

Wisdom software goes beyond simply displaying the combined data. Instead, the advanced system algorithms include data fusion and correlation to link the inputs of separate sensors. In this way, the identification and tracking of objects of interest are improved, and distracting false alarms are minimized.

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