Densely populated areas pose some of the biggest security challenges, with open access, complex perimeters, and a mix of pedestrians, buildings, and vehicles. City managers and law enforcement agencies share a mission to keep the peace and safeguard life, property, and critical assets within their jurisdictions – a vitally important responsibility.

4D has expertise and experience designing and installing systems that are currently protecting more than 3 million residents of cities worldwide. Download the brochure above, and contact us to arrange for a consultation.

Wisdom LE™ software is designed specifically for urban environments and enhances the ability of law enforcement agencies to react to incidents, coordinate resources and minimize response times.


The flexibility of the Wisdom software allows it to easily integrate into a wide range of applications, including real-time crime centers, regional and local incident management centers, law enforcement computer aided dispatch centers, other regional and local emergency service dispatch centers, and prisons.

Deploying a complex security system in an urban environment poses special challenges across a range of activities, such as coordinating the work of several trades, dealing with on-site surprises, and minimizing any disruptions to normal operations. 4D Program and Project Managers are experts in managing multipart installations and ensuring the systems go into service on schedule and with the expected capabilities.