Protecting transportation

People and commerce both depend on safe and efficient transportation systems for commuting to work, traveling, and moving goods and resources. This makes the transportation sector vulnerable to natural disasters and a prime target for terrorism, theft, and vandalism.

4D has expertise and experience protecting transportation hubs and exposed locations. Download the brochure above, and contact us to arrange for a consultation.

Transportation security operators need to monitor their facilities in real time, in a framework of layered and focused operator responsibility areas. The Wisdom™ command and control platform from 4D lets transportation operators manage all of the pertinent domains from a single interface. Wisdom software increases operational efficiency, and is ideally suited for transportation applications at airports, urban mass transportation centers, rail yards, freight lines, and seaports.

In today’s transportation security environment, integrating multiple sensor systems is the norm when upgrading, expanding or enhancing any existing system. Careful planning and specification is critically important to ensure that system improvements make the best use of all available inputs. 4D System Engineers are experts at implementing system improvements for optimal overall performance.