Services Make the Difference

4D Security Solutions provides monitoring and situational awareness systems to protect some of the most critical assets on earth. The expertise and proven performance of our engineering services are a key reason that our customers choose us to provide their customized installations.

There are many excellent security products available today, including cameras, radars, and other sensors. Using these products to implement the best possible security system requires expertise in system engineering, integration, and more – all provided as services. Services from 4D can ensure that your security system project will use the best products, with the right capabilities, to meet your needs.

Our accomplished and experienced Program Managers keep projects in focus, on time, and within budget. Program management services are included in every 4D project, and can be provided separately to help manage related initiatives.

4D Systems Engineers have the expertise to assess security needs, then provide an installation design that is optimized for capability and reliability.

4D System Integration and Test Engineers provide product quality assurance and ensure requirement compliance using precise testing and deployment protocols.

4D’s field service engineers provide expert guidance in planning, deploying and maintaining security equipment at your sites. They know the best ways to make current state-of-the-art sensor systems work with your existing legacy systems.

4D can assist you with managing your systems and providing outstanding training and product support throughout the life of the installation. In addition, we can help you with future expansion, installing updates, and integrating new technologies as your needs evolve.