Products that perform

4D Security Solutions provides monitoring and situational awareness systems to protect some of the most critical assets on earth. Here are some of the products we offer as part of our customized installations.

While we sometimes install entirely new systems, in most instances we enhance existing systems with a combination of existing products, such as cameras, from leading suppliers and 4D-developed hardware and software to create an integrated system with greatly enhanced capabilities.

The Wisdom platform is the backbone of our most sophisticated installations. This powerful software monitors the inputs of all the sensor systems in accord with user-defined alarm types and geolocations to provide broad situational awareness, tracking and investigation of triggered events, operational guidance, and permanent forensic records.

Wisdom LE is a tailored version of the Wisdom platform specifically designed for the needs of urban security and law enforcement applications. Easily integrated with municipal emergency call centers (911) and featuring an event deconfliction function, Wisdom LE is ideal for both Crime and Incident Management Centers.

The Mobile Surveillance Unit from 4D is a fully-integrated, self-contained surveillance platform that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. Equipped with appropriate camera, radar and sensor systems, the MSU can quickly secure a remote area, be dispatched to an incident site, or provide interim support for malfunctioning parts of a border protection system.