4D Security Solutions, Inc.
For Immediate Release:  Nov 20, 2014
Media contact:  Kevin Handerson

New York MTA Chooses 4D Security Solutions for LIRR Camera Systems

Video systems were recommended by NTSB to improve commuter rail safety

South Plainfield, NJ––4D Security Solutions has been selected by the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority to provide video surveillance systems for the Long Island Rail Road.

The contract, with an estimated value of $16.7 million, will include both outward-facing and inward-facing cameras in the cabs, as recommended by National Transportation Safety Board.  This arrangement will allow for the video recording of the control area of the train simultaneously with a view of the track and travel conditions.  Cameras in the passenger areas will also be installed to help improve passenger and crew safety.

4D Security has an extensive global record of safety and security system projects.  These projects range from border and infrastructure protection to urban security systems with thousands of cameras.  Here in the US, 4D has a focus on transportation projects and has delivered security systems and system improvements for rail infrastructure and for passenger terminals, among other sites.  4D is a member of APTA, the American Public Transportation Association.

According to Robert Paski, CEO of 4D Security Solutions, “4D has a successful track record in the engineering and deployment of security systems and software.  This expertise, combined with our strong rail experience, put us in a good position to support the needs of the MTA.  We look forward to working with the LIRR staff and supporting their commitment to safety and security.”

The duration of the contract is expected to be three years to allow for system installation in all LIRR rail cars and locomotives.

About 4D:
4D Security is a high level electronic security systems integrator with deep engineering, IT and software customization capabilities.  The company’s powerful Wisdom™ Command and Control software monitors a wide range of sensor systems to provide broad situational awareness, tracking and investigation of triggered events, operational guidance, and permanent forensic records.  The company has a successful 10 year record of designing and implementing large security projects globally, such as protecting airports, petrochemical plants, border security, rail, maritime ports, and urban area traffic monitoring and control. 

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