4D Security Solutions, Inc.
For Immediate Release:  Sep 25, 2014
Media contact:  Kevin Handerson

4D Security Solutions Is ATS Group's Service Supplier of Choice for Critical Assets

South Plainfield, NJ - ATS Group Limited, located in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. has recognized 4D Security Solutions on-going partnership as ATS’s service supplier of choice for critical asset protection of oil wells and natural gas sites in the Middle East. ATS selected 4D security Solutions Wisdom Command and Control platform (C2) which integrates and correlates data from radars, fence detection systems, long range day/night cameras, video management, access control and other sensors forming the basis of a fully coordinated perimeter and intrusion detection system suitable for protecting critical infrastructure assets..  ATS sites Wisdom’s ability to provide the security team with real-time information about potential threats to their facilities. The Wisdom C2 platform allows operators to manage all of the pertinent domains from a single interface.    

In addition to the Wisdom C2 software, 4D Security Solutions provides ATS with overall project management, system design, deployment, and civil works.