4D Security Solutions, Inc.
For Immediate Release:  Sep 25, 2014
Media contact:  Kevin Handerson

4D Security Solutions Is ATS Group's Service Supplier of Choice

South Plainfield, NJ – ATS Group Limited located in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. has recognized 4D Security Solutions on-going partnership as ATS’s service supplier of choice for a major safe city project which enables multiple governmental agencies to utilize a unified, cost effective city platform for an abundance of crucial city functions including crime prevention, traffic management, and emergency preparedness. The project infrastructure consists of one of the biggest data centers in the world, private network, thousands of high definition ( HD) sensors powered by advanced data processors and analytics, an integrated intelligence and investigation tools and multiple tailored to various governmental agencies uses.

4D Security Solutions provides ATS with overall project management, system design, deployment, and civil works 

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