Introducing Universal Event Input for Wisdom from 4D Security Solutions

4D Security Systems announced the release of new Universal Adaptors for its industry-leading Command and Control (C2) solution, Wisdom. The development of these Universal Adaptors as a new published API layer facilitates rapid integration of new and legacy systems into Wisdom more economically and without any programmatic changes to the Wisdom system software. Simple Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) created by 4D Security Systems or others enable run time customization, faster and less expensive integration of new systems and legacy systems.

The first two Universal Adaptors released are the Universal Event Input and Universal License Plate Recognition (LPR) Input adaptors. The Universal Event Inputs permits integration with a wide variety of diverse systems to initiate events in Wisdom and adds the benefit of geo-location to identify the exact location of the alarm. The Universal LPR Input utilizes a similar design, retrieves status data, (Whitelist, Blacklist, Flagged, Plate Not Read, etc), geo-location data of the LPR read, as well as a video clip of the event from an LPR system and the coordinate live video from the camera system.  These new adaptors can add full visualization to the comprehensive situational awareness picture.

4D’s Director of Product Management Tom Dodrill explained, “As the Wisdom platform has matured, most of the critical features have already been implemented, and the ability to develop rapid and unique interoperability with new solutions specific to meet each customers unique installation needs is critical. The Universal Event and Universal LPR [Inputs] allow for significant customization in an otherwise turnkey product”.

Other adaptors in the series currently under development include Universal Video Management System (VMS), Universal Access Control, and Universal tracking sensor adaptors.  

About 4D Security Solutions, Inc

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