Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)

The Mobile Surveillance Unit from 4D is a fully-integrated, self-contained surveillance platform that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. Equipped with appropriate camera, radar and sensor systems, the MSU can quickly secure a remote area, be dispatched to an incident site, or temporarily support missing or malfunctioning parts of a border protection system. Depending on the sensors used, the MSU can detect people up to 5 km away, or vehicles up to 8 km away.

The MSU is built on a heavy-duty 4WD pickup truck so that during transit it appears to be a normal work vehicle. It can travel anonymously to an on-road or off-road assignment site before deploying its leveling system and sensor mast. Redundant power and cooling systems provide increased reliability.


In the front cabin, each MSU accommodates a two-person crew and can hold sufficient provisions to allow for standalone missions of up to 24 hours without refueling or other support. The front cabin is also equipped with complete computer support, including a ruggedized computer running 4D’s state-of-the-art Wisdom™ command and control software. A second computer controls the vehicle subsystems such as platform leveling and raising the sensor mast, and monitors the external environment for toxic gases (CO, CO2, and H2S).

Once the system is deployed, it can operate independently or it can establish communications with an existing protection network. In this way, it can be temporarily deployed to cover an area or an incident site only needing short-term coverage, or it can supplement an existing system to provide additional capacity or range.

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