Solutions for key markets

4D Security Solutions provides integrated monitoring and situational awareness systems to protect people, commerce, and essential facilities and infrastructure. We can install entirely new systems; or we can evaluate your current systems, improve them, and tie them together to create an integrated system with greatly enhanced capabilities.

4D installations protect some of the most critical assets on earth, from railway terminals and downtown areas in the USA, to ports in South America, to international borders and energy production facilities in the Middle East. We can help you with your safety and security challenges, whatever and wherever they are.

Vital infrastructure such as drinking water systems and power plants serve the entire community, supporting both the needs of life and the benefits of our global economies.

4D installations secure 500 miles of international border and protect 15% of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply.

People and commerce both depend on safe and efficient transportation systems for commuting to work, traveling, and moving goods and resources.

4D installations at passenger terminals, freight yards and bridges have improved security and help ensure the safety of nearly 16 million rail passengers every day.

Densely populated areas pose some of the biggest security challenges, with mixes of pedestrians, buildings and vehicles, as well as open access and complex perimeters.

4D installations help the City of Philadelphia keep watch on downtown areas, react to incidents, and minimize response times.