Vital infrastructure such as drinking water systems and power plants serve the entire community, supporting both the needs of life and the benefits of our global economies. Loss or damage to such assets can have a serious impact including the loss of life and property.

4D has expertise and experience protecting this infrastructure and sustaining the global community. We can work with you to clarify your needs and then implement an effective protection system. Download the brochure above, and contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

Security operators need real-time information about potential threats to their facilities. The Wisdom™ command and control platform from 4D lets operators manage all of the pertinent domains from a single interface. Wisdom software provides a combined access and perimeter security solution suitable for protecting critical infrastructure assets.

Protecting critical infrastructure can be a challenge – the perimeters of these assets are often extensive and irregular, and might contain both land and water. They can be vulnerable to unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Our Field Engineering Services teams are experts at site evaluation and threat assessment, so they can plan the appropriate protection systems.