Systems Engineering

Systems Engineers at 4D work on large-scale multidisciplinary projects that integrate multiple sensors (video, radar, and more)


into comprehensive Command & Control-centric security systems. Key activities in this area include requirements definition and algorithm development to achieve project goals. Your skills in high-speed data networking, redundant computer systems, multi-technology sensor suites, mobile information systems, and customer-specific CONOPS can make a real difference helping to protect the people, infrastructure, and commerce that power the global economy.

Software Development

To deliver state-of-the-art security, Software Engineers at 4D move fast and think big. Our developers work in teams to deliver command and control solutions,


contributing their strongest skills as .NET architects and developers for both product-oriented and solution-oriented software engineering, predominantly involving C#, .NET, multithreading, WCF and WPF. If you prefer your hard work to make a real difference in real-world safety and security, then we want to hear from you.

System Test

4D System Test Engineers participate in all stages of the testing cycle: understanding requirements, creating test cases, executing tests, and communicating


the results. They work independently on the assigned tasks and apply solid understanding of the products under test, as well as appropriate testing methodology to achieve quality results to high 4D standards. The test environment includes a variety of sophisticated sensors making the testing tasks challenging and engaging. If you are a self-driven test engineer, and capable of supporting field site testing activities on your own or in cooperation with customer on-site personnel, then you may find a new home at 4D.

System Integration

4D Systems Integration Engineers integrate large, complex systems that include varied sensor technologies, protected networks, and redundant servers hosting command


and control applications. They have a deep understanding of system requirements that lets them optimize system deployments to meet system requirements, and communicate any issues that arise to systems engineering and development teams. These are highly visible positions that involve both laboratory and customer site activities - if you are up for the challenge, this is a great place to be.

Field Engineering

4D Field Engineering team members manage the logistics, installation & integration of top tier security equipment in support of large scale security projects


throughout the United States and Internationally. These motivated, self-sufficient technical staff must have the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome and will be measured by three benchmarks: on time, under budget, and with quality. If you have technical skills and a taste for adventurous problem solving, this group might be right for you.


4D Operations staff is involved in a wide range of essential business activity, ranging from Project Managers, who make sure projects stay on track, to finance and


HR staff who make sure the needed resources are in place to run the business every day. A wide range of skills are needed, including bid response, project planning, estimating, scheduling, coordination and negotiation, and customer interaction.

Business Development

4D Business Development works in target markets to identify and cultivate relationships with current and new customers, business partners, and market


influencers. As a global provider, 4D works wherever there is the need and opportunity to build the business, including the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Members of this team typically have significant experience in business areas such as critical assets, government facilities, power plants, electrical grids, oil and gas, or transportation. If working new markets, new customers, and new business models appeals to you, then Business Development at 4D may be the best place for you.